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  WSMJ radio

Announcing the Catholic Radio in Cape May County.

Broadcasting of Catholic Radio Station of South Jersey WSMJ 91.9 fm has begun. All necessary equipment has been purchased and installed. The station is an EWTN Cath. Radio affiliate providing faithful Catholic programming 24-hrs, 365-days a year. "Soulmates for Jesus" would like to thank ALL for your prayers, patience, and contributions.

The Station is WSMJ located at 91.9 FM brought to you by "Soul Mates for Jesus". This is a non-profit corporation dedicated to teaching the Truth as defined by the Magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church through radio communications. The group is looking for fellow Catholics to assist in this endeavor.

They may be contacted at: Soulmates6@verizon.net.

The address is: WSMJ 91.9FM, 513 Seashore Road, Erma, NJ 08204