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All Ministry Leaders 1July2020    
Military Outreach 29July2020    
Min Altar Servers 24June2020    
Min Bereavement 29July2020    
Min Bingo 29July2020    
MIN Christ Child Society 30July2020    
Min Decorating Committee    
Min Eucahristic Ministry Altar & Homebound    
Min Eucharistic Adoration    
MIn Good Samaritans    
Min Holy Name Society    
Min Holy Name Society Update    
Min Joy in Jesus Charismatic    
MIN Knights of Columbus 29July2020    
Min Lay Dominicans 29July2020    
Min Lectors 29July2020    
Min Legion of Mary 29July2020    
Min Neumann's Neighbors Visitation Ministry 29July2020    
Min Parish Nursing 7/29/2020    
Min Pastoral Council 7/29/2020    
Min Prayer Chain 7/29/2020    
Min Pro-Life Ministry7/29/2020    
Min Rosary Makers    
Min Set a Plate for Jesus 30July2020    
Min Spirit Players 30July2020    
Min Ushers 30July2020    
Min Volunteer Corps 30July2020    
Min Welcome Ministry 29July2020    
Music Ministry 29July2020